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Real time trajectory in Google Earth

Google Earth allows you to display coordinates saved into a kml file. Even better you can choose the refresh rate on GE so that you can see your path in real time. This is useful for GPS data tracking or even just for fun.

Google Earth Real Time Trajectory
Google Earth Real Time Trajectory
Here are the steps to show a path in real time on Google Earth:
  1. Go to “Add” -> “Network link”
  2. Browse the kml file you want to lead. Here is an example: GPS-Dolphin.kml.
  3. Go to the “Refresh” tab and choose your refresh rate. This will load the file at every x-seconds you choose.
  4. now just make your software update the file as frequently as you want … or for basic testing just open the KML file in some text editor and change the coordinates to see what happens.

Have fun!