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LibreOffice Visio Importer coming up

Many people are switching from Windows to Linux and Macs. The more people do this migration, the more everyone realizes that there is a big need to create tools that reutilize old Microsoft Windows files… like Visio files. When I learned that people are working on a LibreOffice Visio importer I had a ding in my head. This is AWESOME! I’ll be able to see my old visio files and actually reutilize them without having to go on a Windows computer. Yeah!

Fridrich Strba in one of the developers of this great tool. He says:¬†“For those that have big piles of Visio documents on their disks, but cannot read on their favourite Linux distribution: Your pain is coming to an end. The LibreOffice Visio Import filter will be part of LibreOffice 3.5 release, which will be the next major release early next year.” That is, 2012. So it’s coming up really soon.

He also adds that if people want to try this feature we can download the LibreOffice 3.5 daily builds from here: http://dev-builds.libreoffice.org/daily/

Opensource is changing the way we use computers! For the best ūüôā

By the way, I’m using¬†LibreOffice¬† for only a week now and it’s just great. I hope it will come to a point I don’t need to use any other software for documentation or presentations or spreadsheets or drawing or… ok, I’ll just say that¬†it’s a great tool already and is very promising. You should download it and give it a try!¬†http://www.libreoffice.org/


Cool Open Source Software (COSS)

I think the bright future of software (and hardware) is in the open development and free sourcing of the code, while paying attention to portability to multiple platforms.

To make money with open software you get paid by servicing the software (or maybe not so… but still…). This will make people use your software (because it’s free) and they will pay you to add features to it.

Anyway, here’s some of open software that I’ve been (really!) impressed with… I call it Cool Open Source Software or COSS:

Mathematical/Modeling Tools

Engineering Tools
Editing Tools
Embedded Electronics
Open Frameworks

If you have open sourced software that you use and you feel it’s heading somewhere please send me a tweet @spacemig. Let the COSS movement begin! :=)



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